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Tigers, Devils, and Fools:

A Guide to Japanese Proverbs

(ISBN: 0974833029)

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Why is this book called Tigers, Devils, & Fools? 

The title is a reflection of the wide range of topics covered by Japanese proverbs. You are about to enter a world inhabited by a host of diverse characters, including: samurai, frogs, snakes, merchants, sparrows, thieves, tigers, devils, and fools.  

Why Should I learn Japanese proverbs? 

A solid grasp of the proverbs is one of the factors that distinguishes serious students of Japanese from beginners. Your demonstrated knowledge of Japanese proverbs will pay dividends in reading, conversation, and an enhanced understanding of Japanese culture.

In what formats are the proverbs given? 

The proverbs are presented in kanji, hiragana, and romaji. The proverb is also explained in English. (To see some sample pages, click the image of the book cover above.) 

Where can I buy the book?
You can currently purchase Tigers, Devils, & Fools at Amazon.com and the other stores listed above. The publisher, Beechmont Crest Publishing, is working to make the title available through distribution channels in Japan and the UK also.