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December 11, 2007

Consumer prices on the rise in China 

From the online version of Japan’s Nikkei newspaper…. 



Complete article here.  




中国(ちゅうごく) China

消費者物価(しょうひしゃ ぶっか) consumer commodity prices

上昇(じょうしょう)rise; climb

11年ぶり高い(じゅういちねん ぶり たかい)the highest in eleven years

伸び(のび)growth; increase

中国国家統計局(ちゅうごく こっか とうけいきょく)Chinese national statistics bureau

発表する (はっぴょう する) to announce

消費者物価指数(しょうひしゃ ぶっか しすう) consumer price index (CPI)

前年同月比 (ぜんねん どうげつ ひ)compared to the same month of the previous year

以来 (いらい)since; after

食品以外の品目(しょくひん いがい の ひんもく)articles other than foodstuffs

広がる (ひろがる) to widen, to expand

気配 (けはい) indications

政府 (せいふ) government

今後 (こんご)henceforth; in the future

インフレ警戒 (インフレ けいかい)inflations warnings

一段と強める (いちだん と つよめる) to strengthen by a degree


December 10, 2007

A sharp increase in Japanese-made cars in the Middle East 

Do you like Japanese cars? Well, so do all those consumers in the Middle East, as is apparent from this headline: 



Click here for the complete article… 


日本車(にほんしゃ) Japanese-made car

中東向け輸出(ちゅうとうむけ ゆしゅつ) exports bound for the Middle East

急増(きゅうぞう) a sharp increase

初の(はつ の)first; for the first time

70万台(ななじゅうまん だい) 700,000 units



December 9, 2007

Alibaba's Japanese-language site: 

From Nikkei News, an article about the renovation of Alibaba’s Japanese-language site:




アリババ Alibaba

10日に (とうか に) on the 10th

日本語サイト (にほんご サイト) Japanese-language site

刷新 (さっしん) renovation

企業向け (きぎょうむけ) oriented toward companies

検索機能向上 (げんさく きのう こうじょう) improved search capabilities  

Complete article here..


December 4, 2007

American students aren't the only one with problems


According to the headline below, Japanese high school students’ performance has declined recently in a broad range of subjects. 

Does this spell disaster for Japan? Well, this certainly isn’t good news; but it is important to remember that Japanese students already rank high overall in the world. While there may be declines, they are declines from strong relative position. Read the complete article here. 

全分野で順位が後退   高校生の学力低下続く 



全分野で(ぜんぶんや で) in all subjects

順位(じゅんい) rank; order

後退(こうたい) regression

高校生(こうこうせい) high school students

学力(がくりょく) academic abilities

低下(ていか) decline; fall

続く(つづく) to continue 


December 2, 2007

A come-from-behind victory


This headline contains a useful bit of vocabulary for those of you who are sports fans: 

日本、韓国に逆転勝ち   野球の北京五輪アジア予選 

日本(にほん) Japan

韓国(かんこく) Korea

逆転勝ち(ぎゃくてん かち) come-from-behind victory

野球(やきゅう) baseball

北京五輪アジア予選(ペキン ごりん よせん)Beijing Olympic trials 

The complete article is here