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Classified ads are $25 for the first 35 words, each additional word $1, for a 3-month posting. Contact us to get your ad up and running. Pen Pal ads (3-month posting) are free for individuals. Email your classified ad . We reserve the right to decline any ad for any reason.

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Japanese female, 32, would like to correspond with people in English-speaking countries. My interests include movies, English, and reading. Email yukar_t_1972-at-yahoo.com American male, 41, interested in meeting a Japanese female living in the Los Angeles area. 日本語はO.K.です。Please email with photo. todd_uti_34545-at-mindspring.com

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Seeking a Japanese-language tutor in the Des Moines, Iowa area to give corporate language instruction. Must be available locally during standard business hours (8 - 5p.m.) No online/remote training inquiries, please. Call 515-974-1553.  

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Japanese Kanji Flashcards from White Rabbit Press

• Provides preparation for Levels 3 and 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
• The only Japanese kanji flashcards on the market specifically designed for the JLPT
• All readings in kana scripts: no romaji
• Includes over 1,700 kanji example words
• Color-coded by level
• Includes a hiragana and katakana quick-reference card and a complete index.
• Quality construction: cards are die-cut with rounded corners and UV coated for durability.
• also, includes stroke order diagrams, kanji radical, look-alike kanji and more...
• No Romaji!