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ABURA    oil

油だらけの / あぶらだらけ の oily; greasy
油汗/  あぶら あせ clamminess
油絵/  あぶらえ oil painting
油絵の具/  あぶら えのぐ oil paints
油薬 / あぶら ぐすり ointment
油染みる/  あぶらじみる to become oily; become greasy
油虫 / あぶらむし cockroach


Usage Examples:


  • 油だらけの手greasy hands

  • 油汗をかくto break into a clammy sweat

  • 油絵の好きな人a person who likes oil paintings



Source: http://www.cly-service.com/
A greasy ventilation fan slows down, resulting in diminished ventilation capabilities. In a worst-case situation, it is conceivable that the accumulated grease could even cause a fire. When [your] ventilation fan is clean, you will feel refreshed.


Notes: 手(て)hand / 好きな(すきな)like; fond of / 換気扇(かんきせん)ventilation fan / 回転スピード(かいてんスピード)rotation speed / 気持ちがすっきりする(きもちがすっきりする)to feel light; to feel refreshed / 遅くなる(おそくなる)to slow down /換気能力(かんきのうりょく)ventilation capability / 低下する(ていかする)to decrease; to fall / 溜まる(たまる)to accumulate / 原因(げんいん)cause /火災(かさい)fire / も考えられる(もかんがえられる)can be thought that; is conceivable that