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New Hotel Accommodations Going Up in Beijing


In recent years, Beijing has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This means that finding a quality hotel room at a reasonable price can be a daunting task.

The demand for hotel rooms should be especially strong during the summer of 2008, when the Olympics will be held in Beijing. Beijing will be inundated with more tourists than ever, and the city’s hotels are sure to feel the strain.

If you are planning a trip to Beijing, however, the Chinese hotel industry is anticipating your arrival. According to the article excerpted below, some 110 new hotels are going up in the city. It may not be so difficult to find a room after all.




  • 北京(ペイキン)Beijing (Japanese term is based on the now obsolete “Peking”

  • 新ホテル110軒(しん ホテル ひゃくじゅうけん) 110 new hotels

  • 夏季五輪(かきごりん)summer Olympics

  • に向け(に むけ) aimed at; for the purpose of

  • 建設(けんせつ)construction


Article Excerpt:





  • 開催する(かいさい する) to sponsor; to host

  • 北京市(ペイキンし)the city of Peking

  • 国内外から(こくないがい から)from inside and outside the country

  • 訪問客(ほうもんきゃく)guests; visitors; tourists)

  • 迎える(むかえる) to meet; to welcome; to receive

  • 新たに(あらた に)a new; newly

  • 建設する(けんせつ する)to build; to construct

  • 計画(けいかく) plan

  • 発表する(はっぴょう する)to announce

  • 中国国営・新華社通信(ちゅうごく こくえい しんか つうしん)China’s state-run media, Xinhuashe

  • 伝える(つたえる) to convey; to tell