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The Continued Slide of the Nikkei Average


We’ll start with a bit of financial news today. The article excerpted below concerns the Nikkei Average. As detailed below, the Nikkei has been a bit of a losing streak. (Overall, though, Japan’s stock market has been improving in recent months.)


As is always the case, the financial news in Japanese contains a bit of specialized vocabulary.





Key Vocabulary:

日経平均 (にっけい へいきん) Nikkei Average

続落(ぞくらく) continued decline

終値(おわりね)closing price

割れる(われる)to split; to crack. (In this context, the meaning is that the Nikkei Average “broke” a certain level.


Article Excerpt:


original Japanese source: cnn.co.jp


Key Vocabulary:

割り込む(わりこむ) to squeeze into

東京株式市場(とうきょう かぶしき しじょう)Tokyo stock market

前日終値比(ぜんじつ おわりね ひ)compared to the closing price of the previous day

取引を終える(とりひき を おえる) to close trading; to end trading

4営業日ぶりに(よんえいぎょうび)in four business days; in four work days