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A Rise in the U.S. Stock Market


If you have been paying attention to the Nikkei recently, then you have probably noticed that the Japanese economy is looking up. It may be awhile before the Japanese stock market returns to its highs of the late 1980s; but Japanese stocks are nonetheless a good investment these days. 

However, you will need to be able to gather the necessary information about Japanese stocks, which is where this article comes in. The following is an excerpt from a Yahoo.com financial report ab. Let’s break it down into its components:


Article Excerpt: 



Key Vocabulary:

米株式市場(べい かぶしき しじょう) U.S. stock market

住宅販売(じゅうたく はつばい) housing sales

予想以上の増加(よそう いじょう の ぞうか)an increase which exceeded expectations

優良株(ゆうりょう かぶ)blue chip stocks

前日終値比(ぜんじつ おわりね ひ) compared to the previous day’s closing price

ダウ工業株(ダウ こうぎょう かぶ) Dow industrial stocks

ドル高(どる だか)dollar volume

ハイテク株中心の(ハイテク かぶ ちゅうしん の)focused on high-tech stocks; heavy on high-tech stocks

ナスダック総合指数(ナスダック そうごう しすう)Nasdaq composite index

買いが優勢となっている(かい が ゆうせい と なって いる) buyers/bulls became predominant

をきっかけに on the occasion of; triggered by

で構成する (で こうせい する) comprised of; composed of