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The excerpt below is from a feature on the Mainichi News site about a poll conducted by a men’s magazine to determine readers’ views regarding who the sexiest 100 women in world are. According to the article, actresses Scarlet Johannsen and Angelina Jolie garnered the most votes.



Original Japanese Source: Mainichi News


米男性誌 / べい だんせいし / men's magazine

現地時間 / げんち じかん / the time on at the actual location (in this case, the U.S.)

世界の最もセクシー女性100人 / せかい もっとも セクシー じょせい ひゃくにん / the 100 sexiest women in the world

女優 / じょゆう / actress

読者投票で選ぶ / どくしゃ とうひょう で えらぶ / select by a readers' vote

2位 / にい / 2nd place; second position 

発表 / はっぴょう  / announcement

だった / was

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