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Tax Rate






Taxation is a generally unpleasant subject; but one you must deal with---even in Japan.  

You may already be familiar with from the following words: 

  • 税金(ぜいきん) taxes

  • 脱税(だつぜい) tax evasion

  • 税引き給与(ぜいびき きゅうよ) take-home pay after taxes


When you combine with (rate), the resultant word is税率, or tax rate

Below is an article excerpt about an increase in the tax rates levied on foreign firms that do business in China. It reports that while most Chinese corporations have to pay a tax rate of 33%, some special cases allow for a corporate tax rate of 24% or 15%.






Additional Notes:


中国企業   ちゅうごくきぎょう Chinese corporation

大半   たいはん  the majority

法人税率   ほうじんぜいりつ   corporate tax rate

外資系の  がいしけいの  foreign (firm, capital, etc.)

製造業  せいぞうぎょう manufacturing firm

運送会社  うんそうがいしゃ  transportation company

商社  しょうしゃ   trading firm

各地の  かくち の   in each area/region

経済開発区  けいざいかいはつく  special economic development zone

低い    ひくい  low

適用する  てきよう する  to apply