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Volume 4:

More about Japanese corporations


Here is an example that I culled out of a business textbook, for those of you who are interested in Japanese corporate life.  

The excerpt describes the successes that the Japanese economy experienced in the postwar era, including the successful weathering of two oil shocks: 


Original Japanese Source: 日本企業読本




第二次大戦後 (だいにじたいせんご) after WWII

日本 (にほん) Japan

奇跡的 (きせきてき) miraculous

高度成長(こうど せいちょう) high growth

遂げる (とげる) to accomplish; to achieve

経済大国 (けいざい たいこく) an economic superpower

と呼ばれる (と よばれる) to be called


支える(ささえる) to support; to hold up

主役 (しゅやく) the leading part; the lead role

企業(きぎょう) company; corporation

その後(そのご) after that

二度の (にど の) occurring twice

オイル・ショック  oil shock

見事に (みごと に) splendidly

乗り切る(のりきる)to get through (a difficult situation)

強さ (つよさ) strength

認識される (にんしき される) was recognized; was understood