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  1. 児童: New Word Focus

  2. Learn by Example: 人気の秘密

  3. Learn by Example: Democratic comments about the war in Iraq, in Japanese

  4. まちまち

  5. 最多

  6. Interviewing for a Job in Japanese

  7. "A Refined Way of Using Language:"  An extended tutorial using an example from the Japanese blogosphere.

  8. 表面化する

  9. 税率

  10. Interview: Andrew Hankinson of Japanese Travel Jobs

  11. Interview: Clay Boutwell of TheJapanesePage.com and TheJapanShop.com

  12. Shifting Tenses in Japanese

  13. Expressing Disappointment in Japanese

  14. From Insects to Airplanes: Increasing your Vocabulary with Kanji

  15. Having a High Head: zu ga takai

  16. "Don't hope for much": seki no yama

  17. "Cat Language" in Japanese

  18. Some Things You’ll Need to Teach Yourself Japanese

  19. A Useful Expression for Japanese Email

  20. 仕組み

  21. The Joys of "Engrish"

  22. Why Are Japanese langauge schools in a slump?

  23. 後始末

  24. 飲み比べ

  25. 転じる

  26. Beating Around the Bush

  27. 利潤の獲得

  28. Romaji, Loanwords, and the Quest for "Pure Japanese"

  29. 3 Good Reasons for Learning Japanese

  30. Learn Through Imitation

  31. Omissions in Japanese sentences
  32. When the Japanese Only Want to Speak to You in English
  33. Notes on the Japanese Language
  34. 3 Good Reasons for Learning Japanese
  35. Learn Through Imitation
  36. Learning to Read Japanese


Cool Japanese Vocabulary:

机上の空論 (きじょうのくうろん)

Definition: empty theory; a purely academic idea


to propose an empty academic theory


Old Kanji:

Did you know?

  • The old kanji for "apple" or リンゴ is 林檎.
  • The old way to write それ using kanji is 其れ
  • An alternative (pre WWII) kanji for the verb 言う is 云う

So why learn the old kanji? Well, you won't use them much in day-to-day life; but they come in handy if you decide to dive into Japanese literature--for example, the works of Natsume Soseki (1867-1916).